Hey Mamas!

I'm Doctor V, a practicing doctor of physical therapy certified in pregnancy, postpartum, and the pelvic floor. I'm a mom just like you, with 3 children, all from unmedicated births, less than 2 hours of labor 🤭.  I've been where you are and I treat moms like you every day. The tips and tricks I share have helped these moms to achieve their pregnancy goals.

Check out this video to learn more about this Birth Prep Solution created especially with you in mind, based on my experience as a Doctor treating pregnant and postpartum moms!

  • Birth Prep Solution
  • $199 USD

    Everything In One Place Birth Prep Program

  • 90 Minutes of Video Content with Doctor V
  • Bonus 1: What to Take to the Hospital or Birth Center
  • Bonus 2: Best Fruits and Vegetables for Pregnancy
  • Bonus 3: How to do a Perineal Massage
  • Bonus 4: Best Products for Pregnancy


"I Feared the Uknown"

 The midwives were surprised that I knew the breath work needed to deliver my baby.

The tips that I learned from Doctor V helped me to remain calm during the process.

Margeret Y.
3rd Child

"So Happy I Did This"

Birth Prep Solution gave me the knowledge to have my first born all natural.

I also told a friend about this program and she was able to have a natural birth without any tearing.
This program is awesome and is all inclusive.  I would recommend it to any pregnant woman in any situation.

Christina T.
1st Child

"If You Are On the Fence..."

 This program gave me the practical tools that helped build my confidence. 

I was able to have a natural birth at a birthing center and it was the labor/delivery of my dreams.  If you are on the fence, here's what I will tell you...If I could go back in time, then I would have purchased this class while pregnant with my 1st child.

Julia M.
2nd Child



Labor and delivery preparation refers to the process of getting ready for childbirth. It includes physical, emotional, and informational aspects to ensure a smoother and more positive birthing experience.

Start preparing for labor and delivery during the second trimester, around the 24th week of pregnancy. This allows ample time to gather information, make decisions, and practice techniques.

A birth plan outlines your preferences for labor and delivery, including pain management, positions, and interventions. It's a helpful communication tool for you and your healthcare team. You can create one by taking notes during this program and discussing them with your healthcare provider.

Partners can play a crucial role in providing emotional support, assisting with comfort measures, and advocating for the birthing person's preferences. This program shows you various ways that your partner can be actively involved during labor.

Relaxation techniques are included in the program. These techniques, such as deep breathing, visualization, and mindfulness, can help manage pain and promote a more positive birthing experience. Learning and practicing these techniques beforehand can enhance their effectiveness during labor.

Program participants will receive guidance on what essentials to pack in their hospital bag, including comfortable clothing, toiletries, snacks, and important documents.